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Modern and spectacular look for your building.

Would your house look greater with something more than plastic windows that have plenty of houses in your area?

Already tired of your painting or other repairs on the external appearance of your wooden windows?

Then it is high time to consider the following ten advantages of ALUMINIUM systems:

  1. Long lifetime
  2. Mechanical resistence and safety (not twisting and stretching as other materials)
  3. Exclusive look and aesthetic shapes (wings are aligned with frames)
  4. The widest design options (hidden wings of windows and doors, hidden hinges, variations of glazing beds)
  5. The widest range of colour variations (including wood decorating)
  6. Colour stability
  7. No maintenance (no need to varnish, paint, etc.)
  8. Green fully recyclable material
  9. High thermal insulation
  10. High load carrying capacity (large size of elements)

The last point is directly related to significant HEALTH AND HYGIENIC POINT OF VIEW for which there is essentially enough light in the interior. For the last decade the window area increases with regard to the correct and purposeful determination of their dimensions. Optimum lighting is ensured when the rays of the day at least one hour directly illuminate the room.

With aluminium systems, you are not limited. It is possible to produce window and door wings to incredibly large sizes!